Joyce Virani

Founder of Sensual Qigong and Qi-Coach


Sensual Qigong is created by Joyce Virani, drawing on her long-time practice of Qigong, her love of music, her passion for coaching women and her life experience.

What she shares in groups and individually is a mind and body moving meditation combining the ancient Chinese wisdom of Qigong with carefully curated music, guided meditation, vocalization, and visualization inspiring women to not only mindfully be in the moment, but also feel and experience the moment with all their senses, energy and awakened heart.

Her unique practice invites you to move, feel, unlock and release unfelt or unexpressed emotions, stuck energy, and tension in your body, to create space for the energy of healing, relaxation, joy, creativity, and love to rush in and flow through.

Many women experience a deeper connection with self, intuition and others, more energy, less worry and stress and a sense of peace and trust. They feel rejuvenated, revitalized, centered, connected, sensual and empowered from the inside out.

Joyce is a long-standing member of the National Qigong Association and works closely together with Master Per van Spall. She has earned her coaching degree at IIN and has a master’s degree in art history and management. She was born and raised in The Netherlands, traveled the world as a fashion model and finally settled down with her family in America. Learn more about working with Joyce in person or virtually at Joyce and Master Per also offer a program together for women to awaken their energy, senses, heart and soul.