The Team

Joyce Virani 14A

Joyce Virani

Sense You Qigong, created by Joyce Virani, is a unique mind and body transformative movement practice, rooted in traditional Chinese medicine. Joyce has paired the ancientpractice of Qigong with carefully curated music, guided meditation, visualization, breathing and vocalization techniques to awaken your deepest emotions and help you process and make sense of what has been unexpressed and held in your body in silence.

Through gentle, intuitive movements and the awakening of your senses, you can revisit a place and experience in the past, allowing you to feel, unlock, and release hidden emotions, stuck energy, and tension in your body. This initiation to discover and explore the language of your body through sensing and moving, creates space for feeling and self-healing, freeing you to infuse every moment with a sense of ease, balance and safety within your body.

Drawing on her long-time practice of Qigong, her love of music, her passion for coaching and her life experience, Joyce loves to share Sense You Qigong virtually and in person, in groups and privately, to adults and kids. Joyce is a long-standing member of the National Qigong Association and works closely together with Master Per van Spall. She has earned a coaching degree at IIN and has a master’s degree in art history and management. She was born and raised in The Netherlands, traveled the world as a Fashion Model, and currently lives with her family in America. Joyce and Master Per offer a curated program for women to awaken their energy, senses, heart, and soul.


Julie Goleman

Business Counselor

With a life full of constant travel and movement, Julie’s daily practice of Qigong and meditation helps provide a much-desired balance. Seeing and feeling the benefits both in her mind and body, she is passionate about integrating these practices into all aspects of her life and is inspired to share them with her colleagues, clients, family, and friends. One of Julie’s many gifts is the natural ability to build a community wherever she is. To her, it is a great joy to bring people together for a shared, immersive experience. She truly believes that a feeling of wellness, authentic connection, and meaningful interaction can be felt within the spaces that she passionately creates and shares with those around her. Her long-standing career in the hospitality industry stems from this passion to create connections and is rooted in her upbringing with her large, extended family in the San Francisco Bay Area. Some of Julie’s earliest memories are dancing with cousins in her grandparent’s backyard and setting the tables for Sunday family dinners.

Julie holds a degree in Business Administration from California State University, Chico. Her career tenure includes marketing, planning, and directing events to create experiences of belonging and celebration within the hotel world. After spending the beginning of her career in Nevada and California she accepted an opportunity to work internationally in Singapore and later in Hong Kong, traveling throughout Asia. Working in partnership with Master Per, Julie is excited to have the opportunity to bring people together from around the world and guide them through the incredible gifts of wellbeing with the art of Qigong Healing.


Tanya Watia

Programme Director

Tanya has over 20 years experience leading lifestyle and luxury brands in creative strategies, digital marketing, branding, community building and wellness programming.  She has worked for brands such as Six Senses Resorts, Soho House & Co, Club 21 (Balenciaga, Paul Smith, Dover Street Market & DKNY), wellness brand COMO Shambhala, COMO Hotels & Resorts, and several tech companies.  After obtaining a degree in business and marketing from Georgetown University and Nijenrode, the Netherlands School of Business, she worked across different cultures in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific and has deep knowledge management and leadership across different cultures .  She is passionate about creativity, energy work and deep relationships, creating bonds of trust through communities that make them cohesive, allow for personal growth as well as global impact. She leads the creative programming and community expansion of Master Per Van Spall’s work.

Tanya is a certified Master of Fu Sui, the Japanese form of Feng Shui. A lifelong student of astrology, human design and the I-ching, she is passionate about creating accessible wellbeing for people of all cultures and backgrounds through coaching and aligning spaces.  As a mother of three, she is dedicated to helping not only people, but children, families and aligning spaces to create balance and harmony.  She dedicates part of her year to spending time in ancestral home of Tokushima, Japan, practicing Fu Sui and zazen contemplative work.  She is also an apprentice-in-training of Qigong under Master Per Van Spall and works with clients to guide and support their wellbeing journey.

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Francesco Risso

Creative Counselor

Who am I? Let me tell you in seven places, humbly, yet proudly: I was born in the water (1), not like a dolphin but on a boat on the Tyrrhenian Sea, on the second to last day of December. In Italian mare (sea) rhymes with esplorare (explore). In English explore rhymes with once more. After a few years of drifting about with my mother and father, we set our feet on the ground. Genoa (2) hosted my teenage years, amidst nobility and revolution / revolutionaries. The city and its heart taught my soul subversion and contrast. Florence (3), New York (4) and London (5) were my education: deep, varied, and sentimental. From the Polimoda, to the Fashion Insitute of Technology, to Central Saint Martin’s. And then Milan (6), where I first started as a designer. Anna Molinari, Alessandro Dell’Acqua, Malo and Prada represent a long and extraordinary 10 years journey from 2007 to 2017. Up until my debut with Marni whose reins I’ve been holding since 2016.

And place number 7? It’s a small yet very powerful place. Always available to each and every one of us. Because it’s inscribed in the palms of our hands. Our hands, which feature: the Fate line, Touch, Dexterity, Sensation / Sensoriality, Instinct, Warm contact / Warmth. Basically all the things that make the most sense to me at the moment.


Rolf de Boer

Digital Brand Designer

As a communication services supplier Rolf delivers support on digital branding for companies. He believes branding is the most valuable part of communication because you can show exactly who you are or who you want to be. Like Canadian author Malcom Gladwell put it in his book ‘Blink’. He describes people making value judgments in the blink of an eye. As a result you hardly ever get a second chance for a first impression. Or as Coco Chanel said when asked why she looked tip-top every day, “you never know who you might run into”. Branding is seduction, a Tinder for businesses to find the ideal match.

Rolf also writes for magazines and media platforms mostly about architecture, food and art. The beauty of writing, he says, is meeting people who tell these stories from their hearts. That is perhaps even more fun than the writing itself. With Per he is working on Per’s biography.


Blanka Palamós i Claramunt

Body movement

Blanka has Mediterranean roots and since her childhood she has been passionate about movement. She is a certified Yoga teacher (classical Hatha, Ashtanga, Yin, Kids & Prenatal Yoga, HighFly Yoga) and a certified TCM Natural Acupuncturist. Next she practises Qigong and holds a degree in Physical Theatre. Her passion for movement led her to Asia to investigate ancient and traditional dances, discovering new body languages, merging East and West through physical expression. She made Bali her home base for the last 10 years. She considers life itself the greatest art, and the body the best alliance and vehicle for liberating manifestation. Her own practice started as a teenager, where she explored the different lineages of Tai chi, Qi gong, Yoga and physical movements. Her background is in the performing and visual arts; from dance to physical theatre. Emotional and physical creative language fuels her expression of movement as an extension of our true nature. Blanka is highly active in environmental awareness and world love. She has founded two successful eco-friendly ethical fashion and jewellery brands, focussed on repurposing materials. Currently she is partnering with Master Per van Spall, offering their holistic approach world wide, next she also leads retreats and yoga teacher training. Her main passion is to share the love, peace & liberation she has experienced on her own journey of yoga and the art of movements with beings of all ages, and from all walks of life. Blanka honours and attributes the direction and development of her own self-practice and teaching, as a seed to share and support others.