The Reset


The Reset is a unique 30-day program led by Per van Spall and Tanya Watia to bring the mind and spirit back to equilibrium and provide a new focus. Employing a holistic mix of Qigong, Core Design and Feng Shui principles, the program is designed to unravel long-term conditioning and self-created patterns of stress. By identifying and addressing the triggers that create resistance, The Reset targets both physical and emotional clutter that may be detrimental to your further growth. Devised for those who find themselves at a cross-roads or in the midst of major life change, this intensive program include bespoke coaching and guidance and can be customized to include modules on nutrition and physical strength and flexibility. Individuals that embark upon The Reset will emerge with a renewed sense of clarity and a clear way forward in whichever path they choose.

The energy work and guidance session is suitable for everyone, and is designed to treat stress, emotional traumas, and physical issues, leaving one feeling revitalized and balanced with reclaimed determination and inner peace.



(photography Noelia Madiedo)