New Year is here, and we are here for you!
Embark with us on an exclusive journey,
Bali taylor made retreat

While traveling the globe, weaving tales of cultural exploration and personal growth, the overwhelming interest in our retreats. We are open and delighted to receive you in our home base, the magical island of Bali.

We are offering personalized retreats ,tailor-made for individuals, couples, and families.

Picture a retreat that goes beyond the conventional, where the lush landscapes of Bali serve as both backdrop and guide. Our personalized retreats delve into the realms of physical and mental-emotional well-being, harnessing the transformative power of Bali’s nature, rich culture, ancient wisdom, and sacred temples. We are proud to collaborate with the local spiritual community, to provide a unique blend of guidance and support.
This exclusive retreat unfolds as an intimate space for self-discovery, weaving together a tapestry of disciplines, including Qigong, personal and professional guidance, breath work, yoga, traditional Chinese medicine, skeleton work, somatic movement, and an infusion of our passion.

Embark on a transformative journey at our exclusive retreat, where the harmonious blend of feminine and masculine energies creates a nurturing sanctuary for self-discovery and rejuvenation.

Our retreats are based in Bali, but if you can not make it to Bali we are open to visit you and bring this special journey to your home.

Interested or curious?
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Warm wishes from Magical Bali,
Master Per and Blanka Palamos