Awakening – for women only


Per and Joyce offer their unique program to women only – virtually, in person, one on one and in private and corporate groups. Together, they bring over two decades of experience to you, blending their yin and yang energies, the wisdom of the west and the energy and spiritualism of the east.

This program is a journey back home – home in your mind, body, and heart. You are invited to awaken, experience, explore, express, and process physical, mental, emotional, and energetic imbalances, leaving you feeling grounded, rejuvenated, inspired, creative and alive. Per and Joyce will provide you with tools to continue to access your deepest dreams and the healing energy inside of you so that you can create the life you want.

Per provides body-mind guidance to promote your physical well-being, spiritual growth, and emotional healing. His powerful qigong energy work boosts your immune system, releases physical, mental, and emotional stress and imbalances, and unlocks and unblocks energy that keeps your life force from flowing freely.

He creates a safe space from which he will guide you through the creation of a roadmap, providing you with a blueprint from which you will be able to change and adjust life patterns with an open mind, in touch with your intuition and body. Per will share tools and practices with you to support you in releasing stress, to move more easily through challenges and to tap into your body’s own healing power. His hands on, no nonsense, deeply caring approach has awakened clients from all over the world.

Per works closely together with Joyce Virani, founder of Sense You Qigong. Drawing on her long- time practice in Qigong and experience in working with women, Joyce has created a unique form of Qigong that moves far beyond the ancient Chinese energy movements. There is a freedom and sensuality in the way Joyce shares these movements and how she pairs them with music, visualization, vocalization, and guided meditation. She gently guides you to explore each movement in your own way, your own rhythm, with your own story, memories, feelings, and emotions.

Feelings and life experiences live inside the body and can get imprinted in different organs of the body. Joyce gently encourages you to experience these emotions and memories with all your senses – inviting you to feel them and let them move through you creating space for the energy of healing, love, trust, and joy.

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