Master Per van Spall is a spiritual guide of Chinese Indonesian and Dutch descent from the Netherlands. Partially raised by his Chinese grandmother, who was knowledgeable in traditional Qigong and gifted with paranormal intuition, his western upbringing contained a touch of eastern inspired spiritualism.

Establishing himself in a successful career in sales and corporate management, Per‘s acute sense of intuition quickly distinguished him from his colleagues.  His powerful, synergistic approach to his work, combining passion, curiosity, creativity, entrepreneurial skills and his ability to coach others, achieved maximum results. In time it became clear that what he initially believed to be a strong sense of intuition was, in fact, a manifestation of his own psychic ability. This epiphany led him to London, where he attended the world-renowned Arthur Findlay College for the Advancement of Spiritualism and Psychic Sciences to further explore this awakening.

After guidance of Grand Master Tan Soo Kong (www.wellnessmedicalqigong.com), Per became a certified Master in the Art of Qigong Healing.  Now, he provides Body-Mind guidance to promote physical well-being, spiritual growth, and emotional healing. His understanding of western rationalism paired with his deep connection to eastern spiritualism allows him to act as a bridge and support for people as they tap into their own intuition and feel more connected to themselves. His clients hail from diverse cultural and professional backgrounds from all over the world, from coaches to university professors and successful executives.

Qigong Practices at Per’s Home in Bali.