Bio Tanya Russell

Core Design and Space Alignment

Raised in Alaska, Idaho, Japan, and Korea, Tanya first became of energy work with her grandfather in Japan, during morning mindfulness walks in a mountainous area of Japan at the age of five. Tanya became very aware of the energy of spaces from an early age. Throughout her corporate career in America, Europe and Asia, Tanya took sabbaticals to work with clients, mainly in Singapore and London on creating work and home spaces that reflected purpose and calm, whilst looking at the blueprint of the individual by examining their core design, a personalized reading based on elements, numbers, and conditioning.

Tanya takes on one or two clients at a time that want to look at their core design and gain clarity, in order to establish patterns of health, improve relationships and work styles that incorporate balance, as well as to create clutter-free and beautiful spaces to live, work and play.

By decluttering the space and understanding the self through core design, Tanya assists clients in letting go of physical and emotional clutter to create the mind space and physical space to begin new projects and chapters through Fu Sui (Japanese Feng shui) and core design readings.