Bio Simon Wong

T’ai Chi Practitioner & Partner for the T’ai Chi inspired Morning Qi Sessions co-conducted with Per.

Simon is a T’ai Chi practitioner whose training began over 30 years ago. Along the way he has experienced T’ai Chi to be a potent self-transformational medium – and a perfect self-healing and recuperative modality. In 2004 two of his spinal discs herniated due to years of high impact martial arts training leaving him unable to walk properly – by 2009 he proved his Doctors wrong that he would never be as physically capable as before, through the practise of a T’ai Chi based system of moving with deep and gentle awareness to create the conditions needed for the body to self heal. He has since attained techniques and a level of strength he had not reached prior to the injury. The system, Tienji, is largely inspired by his T’ai Chi Grandfather who reached the age of 94, experiencing perfect health and a long disease-free life by daily T’ai Chi, energy, and physical training practice.

Simon’s martial arts skills have also been applied to stage and screen – while in the UK he did two professional tours with Polka Theatre in Wimbledon Broadway and Soho’s Yellow Earth Theatre, as a lead and supporting physical theatre actor making use of his T’ai Chi skills in live performance.

In Asia he is also the Co-Founder of SingaporeSidecars, a Social Enterprise that gives heritage tours on a fleet of Vespa Sidecars, many of them hand restored vintages made in Singapore in the 1960’s. The company supports any cause that comes knocking, including Children’s Cancer Foundation, National Cancer Centre, Dolma Foundation for Nepal’s earthquake recovery, and recently the Red Cross’ international efforts to overcome the pandemic. This also includes a local Sidecar Food Aid initiative where Sidecars bring food donations to medical front liners.

He believes in living harmoniously, expressing one’s authentic self all along the way.

Tienji Awareness Method is now available online.